C. Cowles & Company was founded in New Haven, Connecticut over 180 years ago. Since that time, the company has evolved from manufacturing lanterns and hardware for horse drawn carriages to a multi-divisional manufacturer serving the automotive, heating and other industries. Today, Cowles Operating Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of C. Cowles & Company, operates three divisions in a modern 200,000 square foot facility in North Haven, Connecticut: Carlin Combustion Technology is a maker of oil, biofuel, and gas fired burners. Hydrolevel Company manufactures residential and commercial heating controls, and Cowles Products produces plastic profile extrusions. With a constant focus on product development, improved manufacturing methods and relentless customer service, Cowles Operating Company’s divisions maintain leadership roles in the industries they serve.


C. Cowles & Company Divisions:

Burners, Controls and Ignitors for the Heating Industry

Visit www.carlincombustion.com


Liquid Level Controls for Boilers

Visit www.hydrolevel.com


Trim Products for the Automotive Market

Visit www.cowlesproducts.com